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Episode Twenty: Out With a Bang!

It's the last day of term at Grange Hill and it’s the school prom. Will the year end with a bang?!

With the prom comes the need for a date, so Ed and Tigger go on the Hill Space dating website in search of their perfect match. When Clooney becomes jealous of the potential partners Ed and Tigger get, he recruits Gyngell to help him win over his girl!

The cast behind the stars of this episode the actors who play Clooney, Ed and Tigger all feature in the last Backstage Video of the series, talking about what they most enjoy on Grange Hill. You can now watch this last ever episode of the series on the iPlayer!

Other matters of the heart in this season finale see Alex struggling to ask Sammy out to the dance.

Theo, Laxo and XS hear of a secret sewer from Abel and Togger, and set off to find out if it really exists. Clooney and Gyngell join the gang and the whole situation could be truly explosive!

McDonnell collars Togger about his lack of academic performance this year. Following a very special visitor to Grange Hill, Togger makes a decision about his future - but will it be at Grange Hill?


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